Kuranin Anti-Ransomware Privacy Statement

This privacy statement describes the product of Kuranin Anti-Ransomware and the product manufacturer of KurSecurityProtection LLP in respect of the private user information that can be obtained through this product. All questions about the Kuranin Anti-Ransomware Privacy Policy can be assigned to the technical support center by contact phone numbers or postal address indicated on the official website of the manufacturer https://www.kuranin.org. This privacy policy applies only to KurSecurityProtection LLP, and does not include distributors, partners, or affiliates of the organization.

Collection of information and its use (download/installation)

Kuranin Anti-Ransomware does not collect personal information without the user’s consent. Consent can be obtained when the client needs to transfer personal information to KurSecurityProtection LLP, for any of its own purposes, for example: signing a certificate, or the like, or for clarifying missing personal data, for registering a user, his license key. Personal information is also not collected when you browse the manufacturer’s website, or download the manufacturer’s products. Any information provided by KurSecurityProtection will be protected by KurSecurityProtection, and not sold or leased, to any third party without your express consent. LLP “KurSecurityProtection” can disclose your data only when required by law.

Collection of information and its use after installation of the product

Kuranin Anti-Ransomware does not collect personal information for the participant of “Kuranin Anti-Ransomware Live”. Data sent by mail, the manufacturer, or to the cloud service does not contain personal information and can include only the following information:

– The presence of processes unknown to the manufacturer that are loaded into the computer’s RAM, including: process name, loaded modules, their hash sums, binary structure of active process modules;

– Applications, libraries, temporary files of the system in various formats and only unknown to the manufacturer;

– Information contained in critical operating system registry keys;

– Information contained in the boot sectors of physical/virtual disks;

– Information about unknown services (OS services), as well as installed drivers.

Kuranin Anti-Ransomware does not collect information about the above if the user does not participate in “Kuranin Anti-Ransomware Live”, but also does not guarantee a more current protection against new malicious objects


The collection of information does not include information from text files, photographs, mail messages, the history of visiting Web pages and other personal data of the user.

This privacy statement can be changed at any time, if necessary by the developer. Any declaration of confidentiality on paper with the signature and seal of the authorized person of KurSecurityProtection LLP replaces any electronic document.