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WHAT IS A COMPUTER VIRUS? A computer virus is a program that shares some of the aspects of biological viruses: – it is dangerous – it is small – it is difficult to detect – it is self-replicating Viruses are propagated through the internet (email, downloads, etc), networks and disks. Once a virus is present on a system, it will try to spread itself. It might, for example, email itself to all of the contacts in a user’s address book. Viruses can cause different types of damage. They can: – destroy data – drastically reduce system performance – use contaminated systems to send spam or attack another systems – open backdoors to give remote users access to the computer To get rid of a virus, you need to locate the file that has been infected and delete it. In order to protect your system against viruses, you should install an anti-virus program. We advise you to install real-time anti-virus software, such as Kuranin Anti-Ransomware. Kuranin Anti-Ransomware detects and removes viruses before they can infect your system. Download FREE Anti-Ransomware right now!

We have created the best application for the protection of your personal data and your computer, which harmoniously combines lightness, ease of use and practicality at the same time. Download our free Anti-Ransomware right now and feel safe! Real-time protection mode, the firewall, heuristic analyzer, and a large number of useful tools in one product!

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